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We feel driven knowing what we do will bring positive change to people’s lives. It’s about the spark of exhilaration when the right people come together to bring life to electrifying ideas.

Our goal

Our goal has always been to produce the best work.

Since inception, we have been serving clients from international hotels and newspaper portals to a music studio and an organic farm. To us, it’s never about the size of the project, it’s about finding the right collaboration so that the best work can be produced in the best way.

Our values

Honesty, integrity
and sustainability.

We believe in doing right by our clients. Over the years, these values have not only helped us flourish our partnerships, but also paved the path for project successions.

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Our team

We eat passion for breakfast

Often, people wonder how a lean team like ours can produce work of such calibre. And all we can say is, passion goes a long way.

Dennis Lee, Managing Director, Appleseeds

Dennis Lee

Managing Director

Kevin Teh, Chief Executive Officer, Appleseeds

Kevin Teh

Chief Executive Officer

Manmohanjit Singh, Lead Developer, Appleseeds

Manmohanjit Singh

Lead Developer

Lucas Lim, Product Developer, Appleseeds

Lucas Lim

Product Developer

Dennis Lee, Managing Director, Appleseeds

Lester Tan

UI/UX Designer

We are hiring!

If you have as much passion in web design and development as we do, come and join us to create great work together.

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We love meeting new people and talking about everything. Be it discussing new projects, exploring collaborations, sharing knowledge, or even just getting to know each other.

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